Walking: France: Roya Valley: BREIL to NOTRE DAME DU MONT


One of the many walks in Breil sur Roya is to the Notre Dame du Mont.  

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The footpath is rugged, rocky, sometimes narrow and sometimes muddy as it is alongside the raging tributary of the Roya river.  We see houses and allotments with cottages along the way which make us wonder how did they manage to transport their construction materials when the pathway is not accessible even by a mule.  At one point, we had to cross the river via a crude wooden bridge with a missing plank in the middle. 


I was taken aback when I heard a sudden movement.  Whew!  it was a family of goats – papa goat, mama goat and baby goat.

After climbing a steep and rugged path, we reached a private land.  “Private”  because signs of “No Entry” were everywhere.  One proprietor of the land is a kayak operator as seen in the number of kayaks and rowing paddles stored in a corner.  We eventually found the main road leading to the church.

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We were blown away by the magnificence of the church and the fact that it is surrounded by olive trees that must be around 100 years old!

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I noticed a trace of a sundial.  Whoever took it away  stole a part of history, I thought.


The plaque on the church which says, “This 11th century chapel which used to be a Paris church of the village is consecrated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.  It was built in two parts, was raised up and enlarged between 1571- 1585.” 


The hills of Breil is dotted with olive trees.


We could see the town so elegantly framed by the hills and mountains.

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After getting mesmerized by the beauty of it all, we slowly traced our way back down whilst enjoying the sight of orange trees,  beautiful gardens and that of the town itself.

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Lovely murals!


We saw another chapel below with the headless statue of St Antoine.


The red train station of Breil sur Roya


We have finally arrived!

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