The Sachertorte of Austria

If Italy has tiramisu, then Austria has sacher torte!

A must-do when in Vienna is to try their cakes and pastries… delicious!
Taken at a coffee shop in Hundertwasserhaus Village. I was planning to have an appelstrudel, but the sight of this chocolate cake was more tempting! Great choice because it was beautifully moist with its oozing jam filling!

The cute boxes on display at Hotel Sacher’s boutique.

Did you know…
That sachertorte is a chocolate cake, invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Klemens Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties. The Original Sachertorte is only sold in Vienna and Salzburg, and is shipped from both locations.Until 1965, Hotel Sacher was involved in a long legal battle with the pastry shop Demel, who had also produced a cake called the “Original Sachertorte.” Numerous tales have circulated to explain how Demel came by the recipe. The cake at Demel is now called “Demels Sachertorte” and differs from the “Original” in that there is no layer of apricot jam in the middle of the cake, but directly underneath the chocolate cover, covering the entire cake. (wikipedia)

The Kiss

The Kiss
1907 – 1908




One thing Austria is famous for is The Kiss.

The most famous oil painting in the planet is a creation of Gustav Klimt, a follower of the Impressionist, Symbolist and Art Nouveau movements. It is said that Klimt has taken the top spot as to the sales of his paintings over Vincent Van Gogh’s although the latter’s Starry Night and Cafe Terrace still take 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.




Another of Klimt’s work, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I was the most expensive painting as of 2006 when it was sold at auction for US$135 million .


“The Friends”


Adele Bloch-Bauer I, the most expensive oil painting as of 2006


A Klimt souvenir shop infront of Hundertwasser Haus


I wonder if this umbrella is Made in China

Flowers of Vienna

Flowers of Vienna

Let’s start our talk about Vienna by virtually smelling her flowers:

Muscaris or grape hyacinths


The white blossomed plant above is all over Vienna the two days I was there. I found out its significance later… is used as “palm” for the Palm Sunday commemmoration (as opposed to the olive branches we use in France).





Hydrangeas and hyacinths

Utopic Vienna!

Flowers of Vienna

Let’s start our talk about Vienna by virtually smelling her flowers:

Muscaris or grape hyacinths


The white blossomed plant above is all over Vienna the two days I was there. I found out its significance later… is used as “palm” for the Palm Sunday commemmoration (as opposed to the olive branches we use in France).





Hydrangeas and hyacinths

Vienna is UTOPIA!
It’s clean. Everything is mechanized or computerized. Their infrastructure is excellent and they are excavating yet more land to extend their UBahn, tram and rail network! They have rubbish bins every 2 meters, recycle bins every 5. It’s a wealthy city, people are chic, which I must advise you to dress smart when you get there so you don’t feel out of place. The architecture range from the classic to the modern. There is obviously a trend of experimental architecture here. It’s a must-visit for architecture students. Their patisserie is great, too!

Colours of Vienna

Colours. I can only guess that there was a law passed few years ago to turn Vienna into a colourful city. The pinks, the greens, the oranges, the yellows are very prominent in people’s clothes, in the colour of buildings, in the colour of trucks, in every packaging, in babies’ prams. And speaking of prams, it’s like there is a fashion show for prams.








People in Vienna









It’s mainly Indians who sell magazines on the street. Never have I venerated Indians as much as in Vienna, for they were the only ones who can speak English like it is their mother tongue, and you can always rely on them to help you in finding your way. Majority of Austrians don’t speak English so forget about asking them “Where am I?”

people2g.JPG  people4.JPG

Left:  An attendant of the Toilet Museum of Modern Art


 Out for a smoke (and a phone call)





Statues of Vienna




oooppsss…. that’s a mimic artist, not a statue!


An unusual sculpture of Bruno Gironcolli at the U.N. complex


This sculpture is about to get out of the fountain!
New market square

Posters in Vienna






Souvenir-shopping in Vienna



Shopping in Vienna

Of all the cities I’ve been to, I can say that Vienna is THE PLACE FOR LUXURY SHOPPING! I didn’t have the luxury of shopping, but I truly enjoyed window-shopping (and photo-taking!)
Here are my shots…… get ready …… and if you have a weak heart, I hold no responsibility in causing any cardiac discomfort, hehehe!!














Maddy advertising for Louis Vuitton


Watched a concert on my first night at St Peter’s church.


A beautiful Baroque church!


It’s nice to be able to see Vienna but ive seen all those palatial architecture in Budapest and Paris.  It’s more the way of living that is different.  In Vienna, people are more disciplined and sticking to the rules whereas in Budapest, you feel relaxed already as soon as you get off the train in Keleti.

I got a cheap deal offered in Budapest.  For 4 days stay in Vienna, it’s 29 euros return (Budapest-Vienna) + free public transport up to zone 1öö. Add the cost of my hostel 49euros for 3 nights – a room with 6-beds sharing.  I thought I have to try this and it’s ok.  The ladies, all students i was in staying with, were ok and decent.  Free breakfast too.  The hostel is set up a hill amidst green grounds and easy access to the UBahn.

My hostel in Vienna


The grassy ground of my hostel in Vienna is blooming with primroses. All in all..i spent 8Ö euros + 5Ö (for food, misc) during my 3 night stay in Vienna, eating on shawarma, pizza, feasting on their beautiful patisserie and coffee.

Belvedere Palace
This Baroque palace was built by Prince Eugene of Savoy (France). After getting kicked out by King Louis IV of France, he went to Austria and transferred his loyalty to the Hapsburg Monarchy. This palace now houses the paintings of Gustav Klimt and others.

On the side of the Belvedere Palace is a huge garden open to the public. These “cacti ” are actually sculpted stones. Almost real!

Daffodils in the UK


Daffodils, tulips and primroses


The 10th century St Nicholas Church, West Sussex

There..I finally was able to take pics of this springtime’s daffodils which the UK is famous for. Wherever we went, these flowers are just about everywhere,  growing on the side of the roads, but I couldn’t really take my camera out lest the rain would damage it.

For the entire two days I was there, it was continuously showering! And the more we travel to that country, the more we get frustrated, only her flowers now is making our sojourn bearable. We feel like we are surrounded by everyone always wanting to make money out of us! Everything is expensive, and what you get is not even good value for your money and one classic example is the food! It’s not enjoyable to eat in the UK, it’s not even healthy eating in the UK. We could not even leave our bags at the airport’s Left Luggage so we could perhaps do some galivanting around because they charge 8GBP per bag! Ridiculous!   I don’t blame the tens of thousands of Britons who emigrate each year. Living in this country has become unbearable, not only about the high cost of living but also the poor service you get from practically every establishment you deal with – public or private.

As to the tourist attractions of the UK, I don’t deny that there are still few towns left that have retained their charm. But try going to 3 other towns at random…any of the towns you can poke your finger to in the map. Go to Town 1 today, to Town 2 tomorrow and to Town 3 the following day…I am telling you, you will not see the difference. Town 1 could easily be Town 2 or even Town 3, why? because of what England has now become and they have a term for that….CLONE TOWNS! Exactly the same set up, the same shops (Boots, Marks and Spencer, WH Smith, HSBC,etc), the same Anne of Cleaves pub or King’s Head pub, the same fish and chips, the same Pay and Display, etc etc..