Walking: France: Roya Valley: PIENA


We’ve always been fascinated about this old abandoned building sitting above a tunnel where everyone drive past on their way to the coast.     It’s always been my dream to stop the car, take the best vantage point for a good photographic shot.   This was taken from the car as youwill notice from the cloudy glass.

Our chance came one day when, while driving towards the area, we decided to stop at a car park nearby to do some exploring.

Seen from the railroad level

Piena in French or Piene in Italian used to be part of Italy but ceded to France in 1947. 


It is home to a hydroelectric power plant, which exports most of its energy in Italy.

Unfortunately, since its cessation, it was never used by the French to serve the purpose, that of  train station.


piena6.JPG piena2d.JPG

It is now abandoned.  As you can see, the etiquettes are still in Italian; Uomini means men; Donne as ladies  and cessi means toilets.

Only weeds now are queueing up at the Telegraph office

 piena2a.JPG piena2b.JPG piena8.JPG
The glorious yesteryears are still evident.




Seen from the old station.

Herbs like thyme dot the sides of the footpath.   

The footpath which is cleared of weeds regularly

This mysterious house is the only neighbour. 

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