The morning after the storm

After 3 days of continuous rain, the sun finally came out, and what a better time to do our food shopping in Italy than today! 


The mountainous area were we live in, though stunningly beautiful, is prone to erosion after a torrential downpour. That’s exactly what happened today. Many parts of the road going to the coast were blocked due to repair works being carried out.

The beauty of our region is, even in small disasters like this, it is still a great place to watch life go by…

Big boulders have fallen off the road tearing open the metallic nets securing the rocks so public workers have been dispatched to repair the damage.

Because of road repairs, the way to the supermarket was closed so we had no choice but to trek the only road available, that is, going uphill. We drove and drove in a zigzaggy fashion until we realized that we lost the way to the supermarket. However, getting lost in this beautiful part of the world has its price, that of discovering places that you didn’t think existed.

Olive trees, the view of the turquoise-blue mediterranean sea, terraced gardens, rural houses interspersed with beautiful villas, all this sight right in Italian soil. We thought, “how about taking our picnic here?”

It was past lunchtime and we were getting hungry. We already did the first-phase of our food shopping earlier in another supermarket so coupled with our picnic basket which we never fail to take with us (to avoid eating out), we stopped to take our al fresco lunch using the car bonnet as our table.

picnicking at the summit


After the impromptu dining, I took time out taking shots of these wild flowers


It’s only in Italy that we see hilly farmlands like this one. 

Still feeling lost and all we could do was to follow the main road blindly. But we kept stopping for some photo opportunities like this one. This is the foot of the motorway bridge.


Wonderful feats of engineering like this one really amaze us! But I wouldn’t want to live right underneath it!
We finally found our supermarket, hurray!

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