Colours of Vence

Garden of Vence, marvel of Provence (Nostradamus)

We went to the historic town of Vence yesterday (next to the famous St Paul de Vence village, one of the most beautiful villages in France) for H’s regular check-up. We were like walking down memory lane for this is where we used to live (1999-2002), in an apartment where 2 of the 4 exterior walls are lined with a long terrace where yours truly was responsible for making passers-by heads turning because of the flower display, and every square meter of that terrace was exploding with colourful blooms coming out from the upright, climbing and crawling plants practically covering the two-sided facade of our property.

No amount of manicured or immaculate gardens of Vienna, London or Paris could equal the ecstasy I feel everytime I see the chaotic charm of window garden displays of Provence (in France) and Liguria (in Italy). I don’t know why.



vence3b.JPG  vence3d.JPG





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4 thoughts on “Colours of Vence”

  1. Hello Mariadams:

    Such an amazing range of natural beauty with its vibrant colors that could be found in these little tucked away communities in the south of France.

    Thanks for the photos and the memories!


  2. Hello Bubu

    Indeed, I love the colours of Provence! I have been to a lot of regions in Europe but this place is special. Add to that the artistic nature of the people, how can they create beauty out of simple things. And of course, the gardens which makes even a drab structure delightfully charming. I thank the small wonder called the “camera” for I am able to keep all these beauty in my archives.

  3. Hi Maria,

    My husband and I are planning to go on an afternoon trip to st. paul de vence and vence on the last week of november. I am having quite a hard time finding information on where to go and must go places to visit for both towns. Also, would you know where we can get maps for these two places?

    Maraming Salamat!! =)


  4. Hello Cham

    Thanks for visiting this site and I must say you have chosen two beautiful places to visit.

    Vence and St Paul de Vence are just 10-minute drive from each other. Both towns are compact, you can tour each of them for about 1-2 hours or longer if you want to sit on a cafe and just watch the world go by. St Paul has a lot of art galleries and charming shops while Vence has the beautiful churches, squares and colourful gardens.

    Here are some helpful sites you can browse on:

    St Paul de Vence
    Map of St Paul de Vence

    Map of Vence:

    When you get to Vence, go to the Tourist Office to get a map of the town. They might also have a map for St Paul de Vence.

    Take care and you’re welcome!

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