Art en Capital

What I enjoy doing while in Paris is attending their numerous expositions..    You might have already branded me as ZERO euro obsessed, but if it’s about ART, I don’t mind shelling out a few euros (here I paid ten euros at the entrance!)

This November, I went to see the ART EN CAPITAL at the Grand Palais and I was really blown away by the genre of modern art today!

Here is a sample:


a 3D artwork comprising of bathroom tissue and kitchen tissue spools, rubber washers, used wrapping papers, and some (leftover) paint!


The invasion of Chinese products in France is suffocating…there are few things left that cannot be Chine-sized!


Doll Auction

I went to see the free exhibition of dolls in the Petit Palais.   Oh, they’re so cute and stylish!  They were created by the Grand Couturiers for the benefit of UNICEF, specifically to fund vaccination for chilldren under 5 years of age. After the six-day display,  they will be sold at auction. Last year alone, they were able to raise 220,000euros!

I had a great time photographing them but security was very tight!  Of course,  each doll is bound to cost a fortune after the auction.   


Some designer named “Josephine..”

Hugo Boss


Louis Vuitton


Nina Ricci

Paris Photo 08

November is the Month of Photography in Paris. 

I’ve been to the Salon de la Photo (Photo Fair)  last year, a photo exhibition delving on the latest photographic gadgets and softwares, and I enjoyed it immensely!  So when I saw this Paris Photo 08 advertised on the paper, I thought I should not miss it and I’m glad I went!  I spent more than half a day absorbing all the photos on display and I couldn’t get enough of it! 

Different styles, different techniques!  I got particularly excited when I realized I was in the same exhibition hall as the Who’s Who in Photography! 

How did I know?  Because long lines of people, I assumed they are photographers themselves, were queueing up just to have their books signed by such big names as  William Klein, Elliott Erwitt, and many others who came all the way from the Americas,  Japan and other parts of the world.  I must admit I never knew them from Adam, but going to this Paris Photo fair made me realize how ignorant I am and I thought for instant that I didn’t have the right to be there!  But being there was  a not-to-be-missed educational tour for me! 

Surprisingly,  there were also some photos which, I honestly think, had no right to be posted there, but mind you,  they were selling for thousands of euros! 

c4a.JPG c4.JPG

Taken by Ingar Kraus, a Dutch.  Both entitled “Davao” (from the Philippines, of course!).  The photo of the girl fetches at 5,850euros!


What is it in this photo that merits a price of 640euros?


“Eleanor”, 1948, taken by Harry Callahan, 16,750Euros


Just goes to show that even your photos of your teenage years can be exhibited!



Elliott Erwitt, with the fried egg on hischest, doing a book-signing.  


Natalia, Paris, 2003, photographed by Paolo Roversi, 12,000Euros


“Baker, Operation Crossroads, Bikini Atoll”, 1946, photographed by Edward Garan


“Nagasaki”, 1945, photographed by Fritz Goro, 7,000euros