A fish spa experience


 Right after the interment of my father, we organized a day out for the whole family just so we could relax our grieving hearts a bit.

Manila Ocean Park is a very educational and interesting place for young and old alike. I just thought the price of 400pesos per head is quite expensive so no chance for the deprived to enjoy this marine park. Also, for all its popularity, visited by thousands each day, they only have three (3) wheelchairs! But the guides are very good! One of them specifically toured us around, even acted as our family photographer! 

And what a better way to end the awesome experience than to treat ourselves to a fish spa!

spa.jpg  spa2.jpg

I first saw this fish spa thing several weeks ago on French TV news where they reported that this is becoming popular in China.   Never did I imagine that I would be experience it myself in  the Philippines! That goes to show that our country is not getting left behind after all !

The feeling of getting bitten by “anchovies”? – well, at first I was imagining that they were dwarf piranhas and they might eat my skin slowly but after a while, I started to enjoy it.  It was actually ticklish!