Going home

It’s that time of the year again when I have to take my annual leave to spend the holiday season with my family.   Hopefully, amidst those most-eagerly awaited filipino delectables and the noise and excitement of being surrounded by family, i can still gather my thoughts and write some observations about the Philippines (as i did last year!)

and for my last post this year, from Europe, here are pics of Leicester:


clockwise from top right:
– the white paint next to the natural brick colour on this building tells of two separate terrace houses. terrace housing originated in England in the the late 17th century. here, a row of identical or mirror-image houses share side walls.
– the restaurant, Marquis Wellington, founded in 1907
– bay windows, typically English, are often associated with Victorian architecture. the main purpose is to let in more light into the building.
– what a mansion!


despite the absence of a cross, you can always tell a building if it was a church or not, . this one is now a day centre. the stained glass feature is perfect for waking up the artistic passions of the little tots!


I guess, december 1 in the UK is the start of every christmassy activity which is geared towards everyone digging deep into his/her pockets. here seen infront of the town hall are carollers singing for some charitable organisation


the cemetery grounds of the abandoned Gothic church next to us is now the refuge of squirrels. everytime we walk past, we see them scurrying around looking for food! this one is about a foot long and he actually stopped to pose for the camera!

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