Limone, Italy

We’ve been to Limoné today! This italian skiing resort never ceases to pump our excitement level, not only the snow but even the food!  Even the simplest grilled aubergine, canneloni and lamb stew taste so perfect in the mouth! And the women are so fashionable.  Everything in Italy is so good!

Mariadams: Italy! oh my goodness!! I just love this country!  what are we doing in Leicester?
Hubby: to earn money so we can pay all these trips!


sipping coffee al fresco amidst the snow…i just love that!   

 limone2.jpg  limone3.jpg

it was 7degC but the sun was really shining!                                  snow all over the place

limone4.jpg  limone5.jpg

fashionable mummy and fashionable baby..                             two fashionable babies..
limone6.jpg  limone7.jpg

the ski map of limone and limonetto                                            a paticceria….

limone8.jpg  limone9.jpg

scouting for a place to eat…                                                               that’s the holly tree in the foreground

limone9a.jpg  limone9b.jpg

an iceberg in limoné!                                                                         winter plants for sale!…

respect nature…


this is what greeted us at the Italian side of the kilometer long French-Italian tunnel/border.
what we cannot fathom is…at the french side, it was all green, and not a single drop of snow!


thank goodness, it’s sunday today! the owner of this car didn’t have to drive to work !!

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