still in Paris

With our palates craving for something thai, we went scouting for a Thai restaurant and found one hidden in a dark, empty street. the sign mentioned the word “gastronomic” so we knew the food will be good




So for a 3-course meal for two persons: entrée of steamed dumplings, main dish of Roast Duck (canard), stir-fried vegs, cantonese rice and dessert of candied ginger accompanied by a pot of jasmine tea, the bill was 35euros. food was so good we will definitely go back! 

What a shame though, that the place was empty save for another couple. it is too hidden from view, that’s why…

Terminus Nord

rue de Dunkerque
Metro: Gare du Nord

This brasserie/restaurant is listed in the Paris Gourmet Book

untitled5.jpg  untitled4.jpg

art nouveau murals                                                                           the entrée: oysters


Oyster eaten best straight from the shell squeezed with lemon


The main dish: filet of salmon with mushroom sauce       


Noisette (pronounced “nwa-sett”….small coffee with drop of milk) with choc and sweet crêpe


Guess which are the Belgian things in the photo

Excellent 3-course meal for two people, all of 97euros which comprise the entrée, the main dish, desserts, a bottle of cavernet sauvignon (south africa), coffee and some extras (bread, sweets, etc)

Parisian Delights

26 Place de la Madeleine
Metro: Madeleine

With my recent escapade in Paris, I took a discovery tour of the creme de la creme of chocolats (“sho-ko-lah” in French) and patisseries!  I was ecstatic about the “sweetseeing” and the tasting.  They did not come free though !How I did that?  Well, with great palpitation!!! 

With Pierre Hermé, it was a lucky moment because the shop was already teeming with Japanese tourists! (Why, aside from the locals, the Japanese are the only nationalities I most often see buying in specialist shops!).
My technique, I became part of the clientele, bought four types of the heavenly delights, spending 24euros, then, asked if I could take photos and surprisingly, the kind lady nodded.  I kind of set an example.  Not long after, some Japanese tourists were also clicking their cameras!

With la maison du chocolat, I couldn’t possibly go on a spending spree of cakes and chocolates in a day hence I just acted like a customer!  I joined the queue – a long one – and while I stood there, I kept clicking away under cover of other customers.   Happy and contented with my pics, I quickly ran away!


La Maison du Chocolat
19, rue de Sèvres Metro: Sèvres-Babylone

TIP: don’t use flash so nobody will notice you.

La Duree was disappointingly strict!  Luckily, I was able to take two pics before a staff saw and stopped me. I think it’s daft for them to stop people from photographing their fare!  For all they know, I am already promoting their store to the entire PEX family !

Here are my stolen pics of la durée’s patisserie:

laduree2.jpg  laduree1.jpg

Fauchon!. what’s great about Fauchon is, it’s also a café! i was genuinely aching for a cup of coffee that morning so went in and ordered café créme accompanied by almond bread (total bill: 6euros). and while sitting there, i was kind of planning a strategy when to attack….with my camera…..

There were no Japanese tourists, too bad, so like a spy (all in the name of Pex  ), my eyes were scouting for the right opportunity.
time to go to the restroom which is upstairs. there, you get a glimpse of the grocery section selling bottles and boxes of food items. downstairs, i couldn’t resist any longer so i just found myself buying two types of chocolates (see earlier photos). they were ideal not only for the taste test but also for the close-up photography.
….unfortunately, we already checked out that morning so i ended up carrying the Fauchon bag from Paris, France all the way to Leicester, UK. the flying and train travel may have been too harsh for the poor chocs that one of them crumbled away… hence, i only photographed the top decor (i wonder if you noticed..).
the carre chocopraline btw was so gloriously divine.. literally a solidified mousse au chocolat!

Outside, just when i was about to walk away from the shop w/o any photographs yet taken, a crowd of students suddenly appeared out of nowhere! they were crowding the front of the shop and clicking their cameras. good grief, that was my chance! I clicked and clicked until after those students have long disappeared. i made sure though that the Fouchon bag hanging on my wrist was very visible to the staff inside. now, now, how can they possibly shoo away someone who just gave them business?

And for the penny-pinchers….here is a candy kiosk where you can buy French sweeties for a bargain: