Love messages for Valentine’s Day – French style

Feel like doing something new for Valentine’s Day? Why not produce a short video to declare your undying love to your loved one or to proclaim your love for Paris, the best production will be shown on the whole day of 14 february.

You can also send your messages of love: they will be diffused on Valentine’s Day on luminous boards of the town of Paris.

Victims of Cupid or in love with Paris: Get to your keyboards or to your cameras!

Here are some love messages shown on Paris billboards:

…Je souhaites veiller avec toi….
 I want to grow old with you..
… Ce soir de St Valentin, je t’annonce que tu vas être papa….Tonight of Valentine’s Day, I announce that you are going to be a father
..Mon pinocchio, je t’aime et pense toujours à toi...My Pinocchio, I love you and (am) thinking always of you..
..I cannot live without you, my little fleaJe ne peux vivre sans toi, ma petite puce…
…Petit loup, je t’aime… ta louve…Little wolf, I love you..your (female) wolf.
..A mon prince du desert, une pensée de ta reine......To my prince of the desert, thoughts from your queen…
..Je voudrais être une larme de tes yeux…I would like to be the tear in your eyes..
..Grâce a ton sourir, j’ai pu retrouver la mienne….Because of your smile, I could find mine.
..A la plus belle de plus belles je t’aime…To the most beautiful of all beautiful, I love you.
..Toujours vachement amoreuse de toi…Always overly/hyper/crazily in love with you
..Ma Garfield, merci pour ces six années de bonheur d’amour et de serenite. je t’aime toujours plus… ton chat Isidoro…My Garfield, thank you for these six years of joyous love and peace. I love you more always..your cat, Isidoro
..tu es mon oxygéne.. je t’aime…You are my oxygen, I love you.
..Même si je suis loin, mon coeur est près de toi..ton prince qui pense très fort à sa petite grenouille... Even if Iam far away, my heart is near you…from your prince who is thinking so much about his little frog.
..Mon ange, depuis que je croisé ta route, tu me donnes des ailles!! Je t’faime fort.. ta fée...My angel, since I crossed your way, you gave me wings!!! I love you very much…your fairy..
..J’ai envie de te couvrir de bisous à chaque fois que ma tête repose sur toi!…I feel like covering you with kisses each time my head lays on you.


2014 Valentine’s Day Messages – French Style

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2 thoughts on “Love messages for Valentine’s Day – French style”

  1. All are nice Quotes. I want to add one.
    Friendship is a promise made in the heart. Silent. Unwritten. Unbreakable by distance. Unchangeable by time. It’s lovely to have u as one! Happy Valentine Day!

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