People-watching – Italy


The azure waters of the Mediterrateranean sea;  Tranquility at the beach


A generation apart (A nonno and his nipotina…A grandfather and his granddaughter)


  A private beach in Spotorno… at 8 in the morning


A public beach… entrance fee


Freedom of expression



People-watching in Italy is great! just sit in a cafe or go promenading.. and watch the world go by…..

Like France, dogs form part of the fashion scene and everybody can dress sexily as they want to!
freedom of expression is the norm (within limits, of course!) and if you see these images only in Celebrity magazines, in Italy, everybody looks
like a celebrity and you are part of the scene!

Happy New Year!

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! Let’s hope that 2007 will bring us good health and happiness!

here’s some news for the beginning of the year…

The French once again have beaten the record on the (most) number of text messages sent at the turn of the new year. More than 35 million SMS were sent, between midnight and 1am.

Winter sale starts in most departments (French regions) from 8am of 10 January until 17 February inclusive.

Foreign clients, mostly Asians, are now rushing to Paris to scour the sales on luxury products, some profiting from packaged tours offering “cheaper hotels, visit to monuments and shopping”.

The (strong) interest is such that French law has banned the sale of more than ten similar articles to the same foreign customer. The fine leather goods dealer Vuitton opted not to participate in the Sale. Hermes, which has, for several years, been organising a week of sales in rented spaces for the event, is not selling bags anymore.