A nation of several countries


Flags of Scotland, England, Ireland and Great Britain

Did you know that the Union Jack is a superposition of the Scottish flag, English flag and Irish flags

Yes, the British are very proud of their regions. Londoners are obsessed about London.
The Scots are intensely nationalistic and if they travel they tend to preserve their culture wherever they go (examples are the bagpipes and the kilted skirt). They use their own Scottish currency alongside the British Pound Sterling and technically, it should also be a legal tender in England but try doing it and you will most likely receive stares and unpleasant remarks.
The English, especially in football games, prefer to display the St George’s Cross flag rather than that of the Union Jack.
The Welsh are strongly attached to their culture and their language still flourishes, thanks to the efforts of many dedicated people.

The rest of the regions have regional accents and even different languages (Welsh, Gaelic and even Cornish were spoken in Cornwall but are nearly dead now) .
I would say however that things are changing a bit and perhaps coming a little more mixed with more labour movement and immigration.

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