Argeles sur mer beach


The beach where Charlie goes galloping like a horse and the three of us soaking in sunshine and frolicking in the sand, daily, all to ourselves. We are in one of the most beautiful beaches in the #Mediterranean, almost haunted in the Winter but the town’s 9000 population is multiplied by 10 in the Summer. The Pyrénées mountains in the background is the natural boundary between Spain and France and though it exudes a perfect postcard beauty, it played silent witness to the horrors of the Spanish Civil War when, nearly eighty years ago, half a million refugees fleeing Franco’s Fascist regime crossed these mountains in the middle of a harsh Winter in search of freedom and refuge….

These things normally happen when we are travelling, but no, this is just a morning walk outside our doorstep!


A walk along the vineyards


The crunchy sound of dry leaves in the Autumn is music to the ears.


A traditional wine house in the vineyards.

20161025_102001Our friend; Ferenc, inviting us to his wine house at 9 in the morning: “Come, let’s have a shot of palinka (fruit liquor that has a strong alcohol content).”

It’s a tradition in rural Hungary to be offered palinka and it is only polite to accept it.

“If you eat apple with your palinka, it will taste sweeter” says Ferenc looking for a knife to slice the apple.


Ferenc looking at the spelling of “Philippines” which I have written on the newspaper.

20161025_104825 20161025_105247

It’s mushroom picking time. Whoah! this is a giant!



“The hills are alive…” (Sound of Music)
img_8483 img_8485 img_8488


Our mushroom harvest for today.


European Family Holiday, Day 9 – Annecy, France

Our last stopover in France is the most staggering and also the most memorable as K and A couldn’t contain their excitement in seeing such a magical place. Meanwhile, H and I are already making plans to come back here, live in our campervan for a month or more while enjoying all the things that Annecy has to offer: lots of walks, cycling, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, climbing swimming, sitting in cafes, feasting on fish, etc etc etc.

Life will be extremely good in Annecy!













European Family Holiday, Day 8 – Onwards to Annecy

Stopping at the last French town of Annecy before we cross the French-Swiss border.


Finally, we are getting closer to the eastern end of France and these mountains form part of the Alps, a large and expansive mountain range shared with Switzerland, Italy and all the way to Germany and Austria.



No, we’re not in Switzerland yet. This is still France, in the lovely town of Annecy which they call the ‘Venice of the Alps’ or ‘the Pearl of the French Alps’. Geneva is just 35 kms away.


So inspired with our last French campsite for this holiday that we just had to have an aperitivo! But first, a groupie to mark our first day in Annecy.


Beautiful blue sky and the French Alps as our backdrop, what a great place to wrap up the French leg of our European holiday!


Lake Annecy

formerly 'A Pinay in Europe'

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